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Pathways, PLLC



Brittany R. Gold, LCSW


After working in the mental health field for the past 10 years in various settings, including residential treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, advocacy centers, and school settings, I have opened my own private practice in central Texas.  With this private practice, I will be able to continue my mission of providing individuals and families with the opportunity to explore their strengths and build on their weaknesses in a place of safety and compassion.


People often ask me why I do what I do or how, and while I admit that it is difficult at times, it's about finding light in the darkness, finding hope in the face of despair.  And for me, that's my gift - I get the opportunity to walk beside someone during their most difficult time(s), I get the opportunity to see them continue to move forward, to have the ability to reflect on the past and gain both knowledge and understanding of how it has shaped them today, and most importantly, seeing them find the strength in their vulnerability, to begin intentionally using their strength to start taking steps towards forming meaningful pathways and connections.


Therapy looks different for everyone and everyone's reason for beginning therapy is equally as different; but what is similar about all the individuals I've seen throughout the years is their strength - many times they don't see their own strength in the beginning, but believe me when I say, asking for help takes strength, and it's with that strength that we find a place for growth.

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